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What Activ SEO can do for you

Using our proven SEO strategies we will help your business grow online by:

  • Improve search engine rankings

    improve your search engine rankings

    At Activ SEO We employ the very latest SEO strategies that will get your website recognised by all the major search engines, improving your website’s page location and page ranking. We do not just aim our efforts at one search engine. We use techniques & procedures that will improve your website’s standing with all search engines. We also use other areas of the Internet such as Social Media to give your business a much broader exposure online, creating a greater opportunity for your website to be seen by more Internet users.

  • increase business exposure

    increase your business exposure online

    Activ SEO utilises various methods to grow your online presence including social media, article writing, website links, viral marketing, email marketing, web directories, blogs and the Activ UK network, taking your reliance away from just search engines. By using all these different techniques your website will be seen by more internet users, increasing your online presence across the whole of the Internet.

  • Get more people


    By using Activ SEO’s online strategy across the whole of the Internet and targeting our marketing at the various sectors of the internet that best suit your business, we will not only create awareness about your business across the internet, we will also maximise your company’s exposure in specific areas aligned to your business, creating a higher level of visitor traffic to your website.

Many SEO companies offer services like ‘Guaranteed first page of Google’, but this is usually for search terms that very few people search for.

Our whole search engine optimisation strategy does involve increasing your rankings on Google in particular, but we look at the bigger picture. We implement strategies to get more people to your website from many different sources. By doing this we increase the overall exposure of the website and business.

We do not just work on one search term for a website, we focus on the bigger picture…

Getting more people to a website and increasing its exposure

Think of it like a spiders web, the bigger the web the more chance of catching your prey (in this case visitors).



Did we tell you about our ‘Secret Weapon’

As well as a proven, successful SEO strategy we also have a secret SEO weapon that no other SEO company has…

We have one of the most dominant website networks in the UK!

Our Activ UK network of local websites across the UK is one of the most comprehensive networks around. It is highly regarded by the search engines and carries with it immense power in terms of SEO.

As part of our SEO strategy we utilise the power of our Activ UK network to drive more visitors to your website. Our Activ UK network is found time and time again on the first page of search results and we use this to benefit your website!

To see an example of a local Activ UK website visit Activ Derby

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