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Activ SEO offer four very effective levels of Search Engine Optimisation, along with a comprehensive website audit program and an innovative social media package that will promote your business across all major social media platforms. These packages are designed to present our customers with different strategy options, dependent upon how you want your website promoted and the level of visitor traffic you require.Our local Consultant will be happy to explain these options to you in an easy to understand language without the use of confusing techno babble.

please enquire for pricing - per month bronze package

The 12 month bronze SEO starter program is designed for start up websites that are being operated on a very tight budget. The bronze pack will develop your website’s standing on various well known search engines by using the very latest search engine optimisation strategies. This will also include elements of social media as well as link creation & article publishing, all designed to build a good level of visitor traffic to your website over the 12 month period.

please enquire for pricing - per month silver package

The Silver package is a 12 month program that offers optimisation strategies that will get your website noticed by the main search engines, and will include representation on all the main social media websites. We include directory submissions, publication of articles relevant to your business, information releases and submissions as well as link creations for your website. This package is designed to progressively build a solid sustainable level of visitor traffic to your website over a 12 month time span.

please enquire for pricing - per month Gold package

The Gold package is for the company who wants to develop a strong web presence and a high level of visitor traffic taken from the market place in which you operate. This is created by analysing reports from various sectors of the Internet; we then use this information to optimise your website accordingly. This in turn creates a visitor traffic flow to your website. We use best practices and the very latest strategies in optimisation to achieve these goals over a 12 month period. Your website will see a massive improvement in web page rankings and standings on the main search engines. You will have a strong representation on all the major social media websites and directories, as well as article publication sites along with a high quality link creation program; this is designed to boost your online presence and maximise your return on investment.

Activ SEO is one of the only companies offering a 3 month, ‘Mega Boost Program’ that will massively increase your web page rankings & online presence while building your visitor traffic.

We analyse your site specifically targeting areas that we know through years of experience will greatly improve your websites standing on the internet. We use the very latest optimisation and social media strategies, both on and off page that are designed to boost your online presence and generate visitor traffic to your website quickly.

Activ SEO’s ‘Mega Boost Program’ is aimed at creating a rapid online awareness of your website that will ultimately increase turnover for your business in the shortest amount of time possible. We are so confident in our strategies that if your website has not received an improvement in your web page rankings over this period, we will give you a further 3 months SEO free of charge.

Activ SEO’s audit Program will perform a comprehensive Audit of your website both internally and externally, supplying you with a detailed analysis of the search engine optimisation that has been performed on your site. Part of the audit we will show you your current search engine rankings. Our program will then suggest areas where your website’s SEO can be improved, along with what form these improvements should take. We will analyse keywords & key phrases on your website and strategise how these can then be improved. This state of the art program takes into account the very latest SEO strategies that should be used on your website. Our Consultant will be on hand to explain the report to you in full and guide you through the various options Activ SEO has available to assist you with developing your online presence.

Activ SEO offers a social media package that will develop a strong presence for your business on the main social media platforms. As a part of the package we will add contacts and communicate with your audience on a regular basis, frequently adding information & news to attract new viewers to all your accounts while supplying regular information about your business to these visitors. We will build a strong base for your business to grow using social media. Our Consultant will explain all the social media platforms we will work with on your behalf and why it is necessary that your business has a presence on these platforms.

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We use the very latest SEO strategies that search engines recognise to improve your website rankings.



By using the very latest on & off page optimisation strategies Activ SEO will build a strong online presence for your business.

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