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There are lots of search engine optimisation companies out there all promising this and guaranteeing that and charging enormous fees for their services but let”s be realistic…

You just want more people who are interested in your products and services to find your website & for this service not to cost a fortune?

Activ SEO has the answerActiv SEO has the answer! We specialise in increasing visitor traffic and improving search engine rankings for all types of business. Our SEO packages are specifically designed to create a greater online presence for small businesses at a cost effective price.

Activ SEO has a national network of consultants who will come to meet you face-to-face to discuss your needs and explain, in a language you understand, how Activ can help your business by offering:

Fixed, monthly payments – Know exactly what it will cost each month for us to carry out search engine optimisation for your website.

No confusion – We talk to you in plain English. We do not hide behind computer speak and acronyms! We won”t bombard you with technical talk, but work closely with you to ensure our SEO service works for your business.

A search engine optimisation strategy that works! – Our SEO strategies have been used time and time again with great success to Improve search engine rankings, increase a business’s exposure online and get more people to visit a website.

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Activ SEO is part of Activ, a company specialising in offering affordable online solutions to small businesses.

We are successful in helping businesses to grow through the internet because…

  • We visit clients premises, explain to them the benefits of our services in a language they understand and explain how we can work with them to grow their business online
  • Most other SEO companies have complicated pricing structures or choose to ”quote” each customer on an individual basis, while here at Activ we offer a fixed price solution based on the level of SEO you require for your site, meaning our pricing structure is simple and transparent.
  • Activ have identified that by keeping things straightforward and as easy to understand as possible we can make it easier for businesses to succeed online, whether it be a local hairdresser after more clients or a restaurant after more bookings.

Whether you have just had your website built or have had one for years, we can help to make it work for your business by getting more people to see it, its as simple as that!

Don”t get left behind, the internet offers a wealth of opportunities to grow your business, however big or small, new or old…

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We use the very latest SEO strategies that search engines recognise to improve your website rankings.



By using the very latest on & off page optimisation strategies Activ SEO will build a strong online presence for your business.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: All personal data herein are processed in accordance with UK data protection legislation. All feasible security measures are in place